Bishop T Baxter is the Senior Pastor of the Stoke-Newington church and the Presiding Bishop for the Church of God World Fellowship (CGWF), husband of Evangelist Delcie Baxter, father of three and grandfather of six.
Over the years, he has truly devoted himself to the ministry of the Lord in various capacities; previously serving as an Evangelist, Sunday School Teacher, Youth President, Youth Director and General Secretary.
In 1971 he was ordained as Pastor and in 1975 he was ordained as State Overseer.
In 1989 he was ordained a Bishop and in 2000 the General Presiding Bishop. Under his leadership the Church of God World Fellowship has established churches in the UK, India, USA and the West-Indies.
Bishop T Baxter is a man who strives to grow in the Lord and is an ardent advocate of education, he currently runs the CGWF Bible Institute.
Bishop T Baxter graduated from the Canterbury Christ Church University in Biblical Studies.