Joint Bishop Statement

To: The USA Embassy in the UK

Date: 5th June 2020

Dear Ambassador Johnson,

Statement from the Assemblies of the First Born UK and Church of God World Fellowship Offices – Re: George Floyd

The recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the following days of protests and subsequent events have reminded us of the injustice, racism and social divisions within society at large. We are very saddened by the killing of the unarmed man, George Floyd by the law enforcement officer supported by three other officers even though the dying man was begging for life.

We believe that Black Lives Matter, as do all other lives. We also believe that the USA is better than this and therefore we are asking your government to remember that all men are created equal under God by God (Genesis 1:26-28).

We strongly support the Floyd family and the community and are praying for them as we also pray for the USA. All people from all walks of life are uniting at this time and we have reached a pivotal moment in world history where loving one another as we love ourselves must be our focus (John 13:34).

We conclude by promising to pray for all nations and world governments as we seek a better world for all.

Yours in Christ,

J. Green-Wright              T. Baxter

Bishop J. Green-Wright                            Bishop T. Baxter

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