Clergy & Church Services

Marriage for Members

 Marriage services are available for church members only; please contact the office for further details.




Funeral Services

Please contact the office for church funeral services.







Baby Dedications

Baby Dedications are usually performed at the morning worship service.

Parents do not need to be members of Church of
God World Fellowship for their child to be dedicated.

It is our privilege to bless children and their families. We encourage parents to live their lives in such a way that will bring glory to God.
The first step in the process of your baby being dedicated is to contact our office, via phone or e-mail.

The Baby Dedication is a sacred service so it is expected that you dress accordingly for a church service so that our worship will honor the Lord




Adult baptisms are performed when needed.  We believe that every born again believer in Jesus Christ should be water-baptized. Baptism classes should take place before moving forward with the baptism. Water Baptism, by immersion, is an outward expression of an internal testimony that is an indication of personal faith in action.

Our belief and practice is not to baptize children when they do not understand ordinance and the reason for baptism .